Any breed from puppy to older dog can learn to fetch and return a ball like a born retriever quickly & simply with our patent pending fetch training tool & detailed photo illustrated training booklet.

Are you having trouble getting your dog to fetch and retrieve a ball to your hand?  Fetch The Ball training tool solves this problem.

We exercise dogs every day in our pet care business We have found many dogs have trouble learning to play fetch, or they may run after it but get distracted and drop the ball before returning the ball to you.

I have a Labrador Retriever that would give me the head tilt look as if she were saying, (silently so not to offend me) "are you threw the ball, you go fetch it up!"   But she quickly learned to fetch & retrieve the ball to me in one easy training session using this tool.

Only $6.
Patent pending training tool & photo illustrated booklet that will have your dog fetching & returning the ball to you every time!
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Fetch The Ball Training Tool
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Retriever training tool can teach any dog to fetch and return a ball to your hand
Realizing this could be the secret weapon for teaching a dog to fetch and return the ball to my hand, I tested it on the various breeds & ages from puppies to older dogs that we care for every day in our pet exercising business.  We found they all responded quickly to this fetch and retrieve training tool, so we decided to make it available to other dog owners!
  • Exercise your dog from your lounge chair
  • Avoid home damage caused by under exercised dog
  • Control your dog by having a ball in your hand
  • Enjoy a well behaved & less aggressive dog
Teaching a dog to play fetch has benefits for both you and your canine friend...
Lucy using the fetch training tool
Ruben learning to retrieve a ball
Drake bringing the ball back
Argyle returning the ball
Brutus puppy learning to fetch